Gripping knockbacks…

I need to understand why so many DKs grip knockbacks in PvP, it’s so frustrating.

Wintergrasp: 3mins on clock & I’m killing last tower (3%) with my Demo @~20%. Rogue appears & attacks Demo, I stun & knock him flying off cliff. DK grips him back, Rogue kills Demo, game lost.

AB: we need one more base to win. Druid tank at LM, nobody can seem to kill him. I knock him off cliff, DK grips him back. I stun & knock him off again, DK grips him back… again.

What goes through your mind when you grip a knockback? Is it muscle memory?

Honestly its probably because its the only button that is within range they can hit at this point.

Its a human error issue, like being tempted to press the button that says “don’t press” because its there. DKs who do this kinda play are doing the exact same thing as warriors who just spam charge the second a target gets out of range without thinking where the targets moving too, its an urge to press buttons and not thinking about why your pressing them in the first place


Yeh that makes sense.
Thank you.

I guess it’s also part of trying to play without being able to communicate/coordinate in real-time.
Warriors often root my knockbacks too & mostly I shrug it off, but at pivotal game moments… :sob:

I’ve made (still make) my fair share of rookie moves too, so no hate :+1:t3:

some men and women just want to watch the world burn, i dont blame them if they’ve mained DK the last 6 years

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Don’t know if you do any dungeons, but please… Oh please… From all dks to all monks…

Please don’t ring of peace on top of death and decay… :rofl: :dotted_line_face:

But yeah like you say, it’s all about communication in any situation like this! I haven’t done pvp in a long time, but I can tell you grip is an instant trigger finger reflex… We’re so used to being so slow, as soon as something moves even lightly away from us, we grip. Tunnel vision unfortunately!

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