Grommash Hellscream skin color

As a newer player I’m on my path to unlock Mag’har orcs. I came to Hellsreach Citadel to talk to Grommash, and I wonder why as an older orc (he has grey hair so I guessed he’s older) he has a brown skin and not green? I know in wod cinematic he still didn’t consume fell so that’s why he’s brown, but I also know his skin turned green later on when he was still younger. So how is he brown again?

He was never green. Since they didn’t drink the demon blood. AU Grommash is a different one then ours from the main timeline.


Aha! It was driving me crazy since I couldn’t find explanation on the internet (now I know why). I guess I should play all chromie exp in order and lock myself below cap level to not one shot every mob to understand the whole story which is part of our universe. TY

You should try to get your hands on Warcaft 3. Preferably not reforged.

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I have that in plan but I only have reforged. I know it was a clusterf*** on release but I hope campaign is good since that was the only reason I bought it and only thing that interest me. I know some lore from yt vids but actually playing trough story would explain a lot


I think the older graphics fit better. Reforged looks like a mobile game.

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