Group of players LF Experienced Guild

We are a group of friends looking to join an experienced raiding and M+ guild. Between us we have Cutting Edges and AoTC’s. We are:

Resto Shaman ( [Staticbleed - Draenor - Warcraft Logs]

Balance Druid/Shadow Priest ( [Schizó - Draenor - Warcraft Logs]

Holy Paladin ( [Speaks - Draenor - Warcraft Logs]

Vengeance/Disc Priest ( [Wzi - Draenor - Warcraft Logs]

All sociable guys from UK and Czech Republic who are reliable and focused.

Staticbleed (Facebleed#21627)

Hey StaticBleed,

Primordial Knights EU (H)-Ragnaros is looking for people to fill up the mythic roster. We also run a lot of M+ keys and alt runs etc.

We are also a social guild with a non-toxic and fun behavious.

If you feel like interested add me on bnet for a chat

Hello, maybe you will like this. Progress is quite low due to lack of people, so more people = faster progress…

hey man check out this post here

Hey Static,

Give us a look

Hey guys, feel free to give us a look as well. :slight_smile: Just hop over on our discord at some point and we can have a wee chat!

Hi Static,

Had a look at your logs and armorys you guys seem experienced and to know your stuff.

Please have a read of our post, we would be delighted to speak to you more.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Static,

check out our post here