Groupwide abilities in raids/myhtic+

I asked ChatGPT to summarize how most low utility classes feel currently.

This would make everything much better in my opinion.

Arguing for groups in Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight to automatically have Bloodlust and Battle Resurrection can be compelling when considering the balance and accessibility aspects of the game. Here are the key points:

  1. Class Balance and Inclusivity:

    • Equal Opportunity for All Classes: Currently, certain classes and specs are often prioritized for Mythic+ runs because they provide essential utility spells like Bloodlust and Battle Resurrection. This creates an imbalance, as groups might exclude well-performing but non-utility classes. Automatically granting these abilities would ensure that players are selected based on skill and performance rather than their class’s utility.
    • Diverse Group Composition: Allowing all groups to have these crucial abilities would promote more diverse and balanced group compositions. This change would enable players to experiment with different class combinations without worrying about missing key utilities.
  2. Quality of Life Improvement:

    • Reducing the Burden on Group Leaders: Group leaders often face the challenge of balancing group composition to include essential abilities. Automatically providing Bloodlust and Battle Resurrection simplifies group formation, allowing leaders to focus on other aspects such as player skill and gear.
    • Consistent Performance: Having automatic access to Bloodlust and Battle Resurrection ensures that all groups can consistently tackle challenging content without being at a disadvantage due to their class composition. This leads to a more level playing field across all Mythic+ runs.
  3. Encouraging Player Participation and Retention:

    • Lowering the Barrier to Entry: Newer players or those returning to the game might find it daunting to form optimal groups for Mythic+ dungeons. By automating these key utilities, Blizzard can make Mythic+ content more approachable, encouraging more players to participate.
    • Enhanced Enjoyment and Engagement: Players are more likely to engage with Mythic+ content if they feel their class and spec choices do not limit their ability to succeed. This change can lead to increased player satisfaction and retention.
  4. Strategic Depth and Flexibility:

    • Focus on Skill Over Composition: By removing the necessity to include certain classes for their utility, players can focus more on skillful play and strategic execution of mechanics. This elevates the challenge and enjoyment of Mythic+ dungeons by emphasizing player ability rather than group composition.
    • Flexibility in Strategy: With automatic access to Bloodlust and Battle Resurrection, players can devise more flexible strategies, knowing they have these tools available. This encourages creative problem-solving and adaptability in different dungeon scenarios.

In conclusion, automatically providing Bloodlust and Battle Resurrection in Mythic+ dungeons would enhance class balance, improve the quality of life for players, encourage broader participation, and deepen strategic gameplay. These benefits align with the goals of creating an inclusive, engaging, and dynamic PvE experience in World of Warcraft.

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So… Bring drums and learn engineering?

Why do you feel the need to share this with us?

Chat GPT is just pulling from sources (people) that have written on this, you’ve given us a computer generated summary.

As my boss says, whats the “so what?” All I can see is “look at me I got chat GPT to do something”


meh, Drums just need to be buffed up a bit, and engineering does fine for crez.

Hello everyone,

I Agree with the idea of making Bloodlust/Hero and Combat resurrection available for every composition in 5 man dungeons.

The difference between giving 5%magic damage to your party, or 5% physical damage etc is pretty huge compared to giving lust/hero or battle rez.

Imagine 5 friends that wanna play competitive mythic plus, two of them have to play a lust and a BRez class in order to make their live noticeable easier.
And so maybe they are forced to play a class/spec they dont enjoy just to form a viable composition.

Maybe high end players don’t mind rolling such a class just for Lust/Rez but more casual ones that stick with one for the fantasy/gameplay and can commit to only one character are having a harder time and less fun.

Lust/BRez are pretty major abilites to be class specific IMO.