Guardian Druid looking for mything raiding guild (Healer in training as off spec)

Fairly experienced guardian druid main (522 end of week 4 during S4 of dragonflight) looking for a mythic raiding guild. With pugs I managed 2 mythic bosses each week in S4 other than week 3 where I had bad with a group. Am willing to learn more and capable of switching to around average Feral druid (200-250K single target DPS depending on the type of encounter, 440K on VotI council for AoE encounter)

Started playing during S2 of dragonflight and while I didn’t raid back then I managed to clear mythic Dawn of the infinite, AOTC S3 and got into mythic raiding in S4.

I am currently leveling up a resto shaman and holy priest in preparation for TWW but will end up playing only one based on which I enjoy more. Realm is not an issue, I am willing to buy a realm transfer.

I cannot guarantee perfect attendance due to my work but I can provide my schedule at least 2 weeks in advance to plan around that. Unless I get extra shift I should always be able to catch at least one raid slot provided the raids start past 19:00 server time.

Hey, Check out our Guild on WoWProgress and see if you like it.

I can say right now that you will not get a full raid slot but will rather be used as Bench when the others cant show up due to your schedule. But we want to ensure that you get every single kill of the Tier, which we will do for every Bench Player anyway.

Guild is Heroes of Myths on Tarren Mill.
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