Guardian Druid Mage Tower hugely overtuned

As the title mage tower for the Guardian druid is hugely overtuned Nether horrors have 3 times the HP from the PTR and are near unkillable in time (at and average gear level of 242).

Not a clue how anyone considers it perfect personally I like a challenge but this is beyond that. Someone said took over 90 tries, can’t see that as being reasonable.

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Arturis, do you know which boss I like most in this game? It is Kargath Bladefist. His quotes are legendary.

Kargath Bladefist yells: ‘‘I am pleased. I could watch you rats fight for hours.’’ :rofl: :rofl:

Kargath Bladefist says: Hmph?!?!! I only counted 99 wipes, drood.

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Your ilvl doesn’t matter since it scales. You can however get a bunch of sockets and other helpful enchants on your gear and that will aid you. A lot of people are building their mage tower sets.

Also, from what I’ve heard, it is not even the hardest tank challenge, and a lot of people have completed it. We’ll see if tuning happens or not, but if this current difficulty was even slightly intended then it probably won’t become much easier.

Wait until you learn ptr mage tower mobs had 40% less hp.

I have been trying Guardian myself so I feel your pain. There was a bunch of changes made though that will help. I was already progressing further than yesterday on my bear.

I’ve also had decent progression on my Bear getting to P2 on most attempts but I usually die on 2nd or 3rd annihilate, or Nether Storm just oneshot Velen because I can’t aggro all the Horrors fast enough while kiting Kruul. I’m at around 40 pulls now and figured I might be able to do it somewhere around 150+ pulls but I don’t think it’s worth the frustration, even if it’s cool looking form. For me personally I think another round of 10% nerfs to adds and Kruul HP will do the trick, and maybe take a look at Nether Storm damage because if all 4 adds hit Velen with 1 tick he dies instantly from 100-0.

I’m also not really sure what Blizzards goal is here in terms of difficulty and who they think should be able to complete this. Maybe they want this to be super exclusive and only be doable by the top 5-10% of playerbase. If that’s the case then I guess tuning is fairly on point at the moment.

If I summarize all the pulls I did back in Legion spread across all my characters it must be close to the 1K mark. After I did it I said to myself “never again”, and yet here I am like an idiot smashing my head into the same wall…

As others have said, we understand that not everybody in the game should get everything.

Most of us are fine knowing that we will never get a gladiator mount, or clear the current raid on Mythic, or get 2.2k+ plus in Arena.

I feel as though those challenges should only be for the very best of players. They deserve it.

But not this. Not something which you literally walk up to an NPC and click “I am ready” and it starts. No way. There is a reason you can’t auto queue up for Mythic raids. Same principle here.

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