Guardian Mage Tower is perfect

It is so nice to have a solo challenge that requires good gameplay, provides a challenge, with a satisfying reward after using your brain to strategise how to overcome this fantastic challenge.

Please leave unchanged love u long time <3

so true, go off king :crown:

I’m a Cutting Edge raider and I think that it’s insanely overtuned and I refuse to waste my time doing it for such a small reward. Either nerf it a bit or I just won’t do it. Simple.

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I’d imagine Babbleshabby that there are ample amounts of tongue and/or cheek being used by the OP :smiley:

Changes went through the helped the tank challenge and some others.

oh its that dude again. how often did you make a new topic by now to show off…

The changes are not really much.

  • Velen is in my party but I can’t use all of my ample prot pala utility on him.
  • The boss moves when he gets interupted with my shield (other classes hes pretty immobile so that if I get shield procs back to back, he’ll literally follow me across the arena compromising my position to make it a long way to reach the eyes or easy for me to be knocked.
  • Eyes spawn behind pillars sometimes forcing you to “waste” mobility to get to them.
  • The knock offs are ridiculous. This must be 90% of my wipes, I know its “git gud” but

I dunno, this is just an annoying challenge. More like “can you spin circles for 6 minutes and hope you don’t go flying”. Theres a reason it was dont in legion with bear tartare.

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Guys seriously, I have had 250 pulls Guardian druid mage tower challenge and I’m little closer to get it done, is it for pro players only? I consider myself as average player, not a bad one for sure but I’m not able to defeat that lord Kruul since he one shot me at 2 or 3 stacks if nothing else goes wrong… My best pull have gotten me to 9% and that was perfect try… but that’s far away from a kill. I have decent gear and I have put 100k to consumables and I have watched guides and all. Is your purpose to cash us out for making us to buy tokens that we could have a slightest chance for finishing mage tower challenge perhaps? This all just that I could get that awesome Guardian druid form but I guess its for pro players only… Like 5% of us or something… I’m losing my interest for the whole game. I seriously don’t mind about having a good challenges and getting fun rewards out of it but don’t you think that 250 pulls and hours and days of trying should be enough? One mistake and its over. Well I guess u can keep your transmogs and new forms and have a good time whit pro players coz I’m full of this, Thanks and goodbye

I believe this was eventually fixed back in Legion, but seems they forgot to do it this time. It’s extremely frustrating to have Variss chase you and refresh the stacks. I stopped doing the challenge on my Paladin because of it, as I hope they will fix this once again. In the meantime I am smashing my head against the wall on the Guardian Druid challenge. Keep getting rekt by Kruuls third annihilate, because of the sustained damage I can’t seem to keep my HP up without orbs to live through the burst even with ironfur + defensives up :frowning:

Just did it on DH, kinda ez.

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