Guardian Spirit vs enemy mindgames

Yo, just had my guardian spirit proc in arena which should have healed me to 40% but I had an enemy priest’s mind games on me and I just died without gaining any hp, 40% of my hp is about 14.5k and the healing converted to damage by mindgames is supposed to be in the ball park for 10k tops, so I’m confused to what actually happened.

Is this the intended outcome? if so that seems pretty harsh that it basically hard counters a 3min CD

Yup, you gain the 5k health and the other 10k goes into damage and kills you straight away.
Gotta be a bit more proactive, It happens to the best of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note you probably want to run the talent so proccing GS is something you should try to avoid.

Guardian spirit is very useful with all the damage going around. This does not mean GS will always save you, sometimes damage incoming can be big enough that you die straight after it prevents death.

Most of the time it great when you hit ray of hope. You can use the example healing. You get 60% from GS and 50% extra healing from ray of hope.

14K damage comes quickly in pvp.

GA is not useful at all. With burst dmg easily going above 60k in less than 4 seconds, GA doesn’t do jack.
It should have a 40% dmg reduction attached to the talent…

The healing buff is useful for saving people (60%) and GS does save a target sometimes from death. Its not like its useless.

Guardian Angel or GA kicks in when you die and you can cast certain spells until the duration runs out.

exactly, some times lol
great 3min cd.

whatever you know what i mean.

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