Guild 2/8M Recruiting RDPS and Healers

Guild & Server: Silvermoon Alliance

Open to cross-faction: Yes - but must be willing to transfer if required.
Language(s): English

Raid Times/Days: Wednesday + Thursday 20:30-23:30 pm Server Time

Current Progression: 8/8 HC - 2/8 M - Currently progressing Terros.

Recruitment Contacts: manctank#4670 / Clems#5934 / McBeef#5922 / Dugstaa#1624


  • Available both raid nights
  • Great class knowledge
  • Well prepared and good understanding of fights
    -Good team player
  • Willingness to continually improve.

That being said, we understand raids are only one way to gear and our whole guild are actively running m+ to meet the ever increasing ilvl requirements. So we would expect some input from yourself in that respect also. We also try to make this fun by running our own guild MDI to add some competition.

if interested, feel free to contact us!

Thank you.

Still LF DPS and a Healer or 2.

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