Guild coalition? Repost correct character

Hello all, me and a friend are thinking of making a guild coalition on the alliance side of Aggramar and Hellscream to help the smaller guilds who fancy raiding as a group instead of random all the time.

The idea is to get all the guilds that are intrested into one single discord, where you will be able to organise raids between guilds to bolster your numbers without people having to leave a guild to raid.

I have noticed most people on the realms are in guilds now days and dont want to move so this would help eliminate the need to leave a guild when things start to slow down again, and would reach more people when wanting to raid.

My friend says this is how things was done back in classic 40 man raiding when numbers was short.

We’re a group of 8-9 players looking to burst througj heroic once it opens, all pretty much cought up with our mains :slightly_smiling_face:

We’d love nothing more than a bigger roaster / group to play with!

Sounds good i am in the process of setting up a discord to keep contact easy enough if you want to join that once it is ready?

Yes sir! That would be awesome

Here is the discord got most of it ready

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