Guild <Prominence> declares war on <Nova>

To the attention of the Alliance vermin from < Nova >,

Be aware that members of our guild will KoS any of you regardless of zone, levels or numbers. Reason for this are you overall dishonorable ways of playing and jumping ( including camping ) horde players only when you have double, or triple numbers advantage. Ever since a case in Northfold Manner I’ve been executing any of you I can get my hands on. This is now enrolled on a guild-wide level.

/signed in Takeo’s blood from last night in Un’goro
Tadaka GM of < Prominence >


How mad 1-10?

Kr Nova

Well Let’s go bae :smiley:



Good stuff, no clue what you are on about though.


Wtf is this post? This is pretty sad…

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Woah woah woah… Promin… who? Declare war? Someone got stepped on their tippy toes. One would think it’s better to have friends when you’re all alone as a level 51 hunter in Un’Goro? That place can be… unforgiving. :thinking:

Make me proud lads.

/Signed with the Tears of Tadaka

//Whybother, Guildmaster of Nova.


You got it mate.

I’ll let you suck my dagger next time I see you @Tadaka


Yo, pretty pathetic turn up. Your guild name sounds like a 3rd tier cabbel channel and yet most of the people who wrote here I’ve personally slain and camped already :confused: /wave Takeo /wave Gucci

Just like this fellow here this morning who decide it’s better to log off and go to school. https://[]imgur[.]com/a/H2L7vLd

SUP Tadaka.

Having a good day?


Changing layer so you can get away What a man over here!!!

Looks like your players still needs to improve, Tadaka.


You guys never stop surprising us with how fast you can die in this game. Is that a criteria for joining Prominence? Being trash at PvP?

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Hello Tadaka!

I really wish you’re having the best of days.

I just wanted to continue sharing our Battles here on the wow-forums. I saw that you were protecting the BWL entrance. Did not go all that well for you. :frowning:


Have a good day!

Sooo did y’all get any closure on this?

We still kill Prominence whenever we see them. But they are getting fewer and far between. I think Tadaka has had a bad time in Classic.

Haha =) I doubt man. We’ve discontinued our raiding since March and waiting for TBC. Most people are currently in other guilds while the expansion lands =)

Regarding the BWL orb thing, it’s obvious there are a lot of other random people around. I think you just caught us mid corpse run ( and there was a lot of lagging in there for a while ).

I really giggle when recalling one time in WPL, one of your rogues (Human Female) jumped me after landing at flight master. Surprising to him/her, after finishing her kidney shot, I kited her to death. It seems though she cried for help because 3 more of you started chasing me on mounts ( as I was killing her). Did a bit of 1v4 there and still managed to get drop down a few heads :wink:

Maybe we’ll see each other again in TBC! =) Stay safe until then lol