Guild recruitment

Hello! we are Sanctify a Social guild based on Ragnaros EU. HORDE We have a lot of active members who do loads of content! And our discord is filled with members everyday! We like to involve our members in what were doing by having weekly M+ nights, And for people who are new to raiding, we are gonna start normal raiding for people to learn it, and everyone is welcome! where we are doing all levels of M+ or even levelling together and whenever we dont really know what to do we like to do things like Mountfarming, getting achievements together, and stuff like that 🙂 We welcome players of any nationality, religion, sexual orientation and skill level and we like to keep the guild a judge free zone for all. So if you need a guild where you want to have fun i think this is it! If this sounds like something that appeals to you please add Aschley. Battlenet: Ashh9324#2720 Discord: Ashhii#8027
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