Guild Services Retiring

Guild Services Retiring

We will be retiring Guild Services currently available in the in-game shop as of 22 July 2024, at 18:00 BST.

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He works too long , good for him . Is there the party ?


I can see the faction and realm change move being removed due to the TWW changes but why the name change?

‘The Guild Name Change service will continue to be available.’


What then happens if the guild master changes faction?

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Same as now, I imagine, they have to nominate another character to be GM who is the same faction as the one they are changing.

But who knows they may address that as well.

Oh. Okay I can’t read xD

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We are one step closer into removing the concept of realms from the game. In fact, with this change and warband banks realms will only matter for one thing, AH.

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That is exactly my question.

Does anyone know if deleting these services would allow a guild leader to change factions? I’m the leader of my guild and wanted to switch factions, but it seems I’d also have to switch the guild’s faction or hand over leadership to an alt, which I’d prefer not to do. I’ve submitted a ticket to Blizzard, but their response wasn’t very clear. Has anyone else received a definitive answer or clearer information on this?

Thank you.