Guilds of Argent Dawn

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Guild name: The Lost Tribe (Sang’Rohk)
Faction: Horde, (Neutral)
Type: Troll/Vulpera-exclusive, Heavy Role-Playing, Social
Concept: Village Themed, Wholesome everyday-life RP.
Base of operation: Zul’Gurub.
Guild master: Yati, Uuja.
Recruiting officer: Yati.
Guild-forum/website: The Lost Tribe | Sang'Rohk | Troll/Zandalari/Vulpera RP Guild


Guild name: The Royal Court
Faction: Alliance
Type: Alliance Role Play, Royal Council
Concept: Political, Research & Development, Consulting, Event Organization
Base of operation: Stormwind Keep
Guild master: Didonus
Recruiting officer: Didonus, Courtney, Nasias, Ghostpepper, Kêlly, Bridgete
Guild-forum/website: (Coming Soon)


Guild name: The Travelers Guild
Faction: Alliance
Type: Raiding And Roleplay Guild
Base of operation: At our Guildbase (depends on the expansion)
Guild master: Theoral aka Theoral Lonewood
Recruiting officer: Skyargold, Nuiy, Ghettz, Megusia.
Guild-forum/website: (under construction)
Discord: discordDOTgg/cX2djTM
Community of our Guild: llj3V4Uvb9 is the Entering Code.

We are The Travelers Guild
We are a Raiding/ Role Playing guild.
Currently we are searching for Tanks, Damage Dealer of all sorts and One Healer for our ranks.
We want to focus first on casual raiding but we don’t force us to stop there if it works.
As Roleplayers we are always IC and play together as travelers of the alliance that stumbleupon a lot of adventures.
Also we will have some M+ groups that decide for themself when they do it.

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Guild name: The Forged Compass
Faction: Horde (Neutral)
Type: RP/PvE Puild
Concept: Neutral RP guild that fights for Azeroth, Borderline Argent crusaders and Adventure Guild.
Base of operation: Where Ever the Compass leads us.
Guild master: Synphia Sunglory
Recruiting officer: Miolene
Guild-forum/website: [H-rp] The Forged Compass - #13 by Sunglory-argent-dawn


Guild name: Pandemic
Faction : Alliance
Type : Raiding/Mythic+
Concept: Shadowlands Heroic Raiding +
Raid Times - Tue/Thurs 21:00 - 00:00 with an optional alt run on wed
Base of operation : Argent Dawn
Guild master : Khermorn
Recruiting officer : Khermorn/Umbrã
Guild-Discord/website : Discord -

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Guild name: The Dust Scavengers
Faction: Horde
Type: Travelling Vulpera Caravan
Concept: Semi-casual Vulpera RP, open for all sort of players. We’re doing all sort of content besides RP, when possible.
Base of operation: All over Azeroth, changes weekly or bi-weekly
Guild master: Oari
Recruiting officers: Xanoxis, Kuzô … More names and info in other topic.
Guild-forum/website: [H-RP] 🦊 Vulpera Caravan - The Dust Scavengers
We’re recruiting and open for new Vulpera players! As Shadowlands approach, guild will try to offer fun community to play with, and help where needed.

We aren’t another “trade chat”! Members are expected to be somewhat active, and interact with others.

For more info, you can check other thread, or contact me :fox_face:

Warm Sands,
Silverfang Xanoxis

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Guild name: Seekers of the Grail
Faction: The Scarlet Crusade, or what’s left of it
Type: Questing, small-scale adventures, possible events with other Scarlet guilds later on.
Concept: The Seekers of the Grail hunt a sacred relic of the Scarlet Crusade, a fabled chalice carried by a bishop of Stratholme that is rumoured to provide the imbiber of its holy waters with great powers. There will be a series of events over several weeks, usually skirmishes or dungeon-diving rather than large battles and all that.
Base of operation: Lordaeron, possibly Tirisfal Glades.
Guild master: C’est Moi
Recruiting officer: Also Moi
Guild-forum/website: [Scarlet RP] - Seekers of the Grail 🍷 our thread!

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Guild name: Greyhawk Paratroopers (IC: The Greyhawk Platoon)
Faction: The 7th Legion, of the Alliance
Type: RP-PvE centered, possibly RP-PvP down the line.
Concept: The Greyhawks are an Airborne Platoon within the 7th Legion, usually send as the first reinforcements to a battle or stronghold under attack. A military RP Guild that always answers the call of arms for the Alliance.
Base of Operation: HQ in Ironforge, Dun Morogh.
Area of Operations: Azeroth, dominantly in the Eastern Kingdoms; Kul Tiras; Northrend. IC the Shadowlands and Alternate Universes are not on the table.
Officers: Dawncastle
Guild-website :

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Guild name: Dust Devils!
Faction: Horde
Type: Action-adventure!
Concept: A gang of rag tag do gooders, saving the Horde from the supervillains it’s never heard of! Leaning well towards the high fantasy/science fiction side of the lore!
Base of operation: Orgrimmar
Guild master: The girl reading this :flushed: (me, it’s me)
Recruiting officer: Also me!
Guild-forum/website: (Happy Birthday to the) Dust Devils - 4 whole years of action adventure! Yeah, that’s us!


Guild name: Why You Come Fast

Faction: Alliance/Neutral

Type: All End Game Content

Concept: Chilled out 18+ English speaking guild here on the EU Argent Dawn server (Alliance). We are mostly UK based and most of us have jobs/kids/lives so we are not looking for hardcore salty players - That being said, we will be pushing completion of all Shadowlands end game content, including raiding, and will need some decent players who want to get stuck into this. We already have healers and tanks so DPS would be nice but we can always have 2 teams if we get plenty of interest.

Base of operation: N/A

Guild master: Howaard (Kul Tiran Druid)

Recruiting officer: Howaard

Guild name: The Theramore Anchor
Faction: Alliance/kul tiras
Type: Military/social
Concept: Focus around small unit of Kul Tiran soldiers but upen to certain alliance races to take those positions, whose job is to act as small rapid response /counter intell force, while maintaining the day to day life of such a unit and the comradery that it has. The bonds that are form, the hardships and overall learning to deal with all this as a tight knit group.
Base of operation: Constantly changing
Guild master: Darimis
Recruiting officer: Darimis
Guild-forum/website:https: //

Guild name: The Defiance
Faction: Alliance/Neutral
Type: Roleplay
Concept: Bounty Hunters and Item Acquisition
Base of operation: Booty Bay/Stormsong Valley
Guild master: Ravelle
Recruiting officer: Ravelle, Eliannah
Guild-forum/website: [N-RP] The Defiance - Acquisitions Experts

Guild name: The Light Watch Order / Light Watch Order.
Faction: Horde / Alliance.
Type: Neutral Roleplay, Regiment of the Argent Crusade.

Concept: The Light Watch Order is a brotherhood in arms with a legacy of over 14 years, a family for those not frightened of facing the injustice, sorrow and evil in the world with a sword in their hand and flame in their eyes.

Once an organisation with roots in the Horde, and now part of the Argent Crusade, our resolve is strong as ever. Side by side, numerous and organised, we continue to stand proud and push forward no matter how grim the circumstances are, and we will overcome any obstacles!

In order to make the world a better place for everyone, we need to start from ourselves. This is why the Codex exists. While similar to the Three Virtues, this set of rules and philosophical guidelines expands and adds to those values.

Base of operation: Hearthglen.
Guild master: Miranïs.
Recruiting officer: Miranïs, Rinn, Olyeron, Dystia, Vitsaus
Guild-forum/website: The Light Watch Order

Guild name: The Sapphire Tome
Faction: Alliance
Type: Adventuring / Relic hunting
Concept: The Sapphire Tome is a coalition of adventurers who banded together to carve their own path together in this dangerous world and with time share their knowledge, wisdom and tales in a book written by everyone who proves themselves. The tome itself will serve as a source of information for other young adventurers find a footing in the land and not succumb to petty and trivial issues so that they may carve their name in bard tales.

Base of operation: Azeroth
Guild master: Ráelyn
Recruiting officer: Vanorlaa
Tome Website:


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Guild name: Sin Anore

Faction: Horde

Type: Blood Elf RP & PVE

Concept: Sin Anore, meaning Blood of the People, is mainly a Blood Elven guild. We seek to restore the supremacy of our species and assume our rightful place in the world.

Base of operation: Silvermoon City and our ancestral lands mainly.

Guild master: Alyrienne

Recruiting officer: Alyrienne, Vanerria, Zhiari

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Guild Name: Dust Scavengers
Faction: Horde
Concept: Traveling Adventure Caravan and Merchants
Race: Vulpera only
Base of Operation: None - we travel
Guild Master: Oari
Recruiting Officer: Oari, Kheena, Xanoxis, Niko, Senoka, Rinba, Kuzo
Guild Forum / Website: [H-RP] Vulpera Caravan - The Dust Scavengers (New Post)

[H-RP] [Guild] The Dust Scavengers Caravan (old post)

Argent Archives:
Discord contact Rune#7641

Rich Dunes

Thalassian Skyguard
Faction: Horde
Type: [H-RP] B-elf military, fliers guild.
Concept: Recently formed, the Thalassian Skyguard is chronically underfunded by the spire and as such has much to prove and a lot to gain. Alongside their duties in putting down the opportunists that have turned their backs to Quel’thalas, the Skyguard also have taken into the duties to seek out the rarer breeds of Dragonhawks, hoping to preserve and sustain their numbers from poachers and trophy hunters.

OOC: Thalassian Skyguard is a Blood elf military guild set around the primary theme of aerial combat. The order is comprised of elves with many different skills and backgrounds, together serving as a specialised aerial unit for the defence of the High Kingdom.

We offer character progression in the forms of medals and proactive events as a place for your character to grow as well as embracing the chances for everyone to help create and enjoy events. Our base is located OOC in Fairbreeze Village, though we also spend much of our down time in Silvermoon city. Ultimately we hope to be constantly embracing RP with other guilds and organisations to influence us being out of the city and seeing different zones.

Our roleplay is focused on quality over quantity with focused and limited events per month that will allow free time for people to socialise and work on their character progression as well as maintain other commitments.

Base of operation: Fairbreeze Village ‘Skypeak’
Guild master: Captain De’vontae Autumnvale (Devontae)
Recruiting officer: LT I’len Lavellan (Lavellán), Sergeant Vaelath Ashleaf (Ashléaf)
Guild-forum/website: Argent Archives Website & Forum post

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