[Belf-RP] Thalassian Skyguard 🐲

Thud, thud, thud…thud, thud, thud…

Dark low hanging clouds lingered in the sky pushed down by the squall of rain driving towards the North Sea below. Adrenaline pumped through his veins causing the steady pounding of a fear driven heart to drown out the roar of the baying wind. From his seat, the Cadet could see the coloured carapaces of his ‘Wing’, clinging to the vertical wall of the cliff face. Sprays of salted water crashed against the jagged rocks below like an ever returning claw trying to reach up and drag down the Dragonhawks. Some of the reptilian birds from ‘Autumnwing’ had made it across the open skies and could be seen riding the jetties of the air currents, twisting into an entrancing dance. But his Wing did not leave yet, they waited for him and for his courage.

‘You can do it Cadet! Trust in your partner and let her guide you!’ The crackle and static of his communicator buzzed in past his thundering heart, his hands gripped his leather reins tightly as he leaned into his five point harness that kept him bound to his saddle. Through the taut leather straps he could feel the weight of his Dragonhawk dispersed over her front wings where her talons dug into the cracks of the rock. She was strong and calm despite the wind and rain - fearless. The Cadet looked back over his head towards the sky beyond thinking the same thing every rider finds themselves thinking. How far can we fly?

Pressing his feet into the stirrups of the saddle he yelled out to his Dragonhawk who turned her head and released a chirrup of understanding. Pushing her lower serpent like body against the rock, the pair sprung forth like a diver from a spring board propelling themselves into the open expanse below. The wind howled, the air currents cold frenzied touch rushed against the elf and his exposed skin. His stomach lurched as the Dragonhawk beneath him opened her wings and began to catch the gust, soaring them up towards the heavens. With a gasp of thrill fuelled fear the rider turned his head and saw his Wing following behind him, whooping and screaming in joy. This was it. This was what these adrenaline junkies lived for. This was what it meant to serve in the Thalassian Skyguard.

’Every journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step. But that single step is the most difficult one to make. Conquer the fear and venture forth; and we realise that we are born with wings.'

Welcome to the opening chapter of the Thalassian Skyguard. Here you will find all of our information and our current updates. Thank you for your support and we look forward to helping provide fun, diverse roleplay within the Argent Dawn.

What is the concept of the Thalassian Skyguard?

The Thalassian Skyguard is a newly formed and chronically underfunded Farstrider unit of Dragonhawk fliers. Starting from the ground up, these elves are based in the run down buildings of the Ghostlands where they work together to protect the High Kingdom. Their core goal is to ensure that no threats or opportunists survive to place Quel’thalas in peril. This has become more important than ever now that the main Farstrider units are being tasked with the duty of finding Sylvanas Windrunner and Nathanos Blightcaller.

Within this goal they also have many other responsibilities, from the preservation of rare breeds of Dragonhawks to helping sustain the alliances of the kingdom.

What makes your guild stand out?

The Thalassian Skyguard is a guild that is pushing the plot of being an under funded organisation that has begun at the bottom of the military. With little money put aside the pay for their soldiers is small with there being no difference in salary between the lower ranks or higher ranks.

Due to this we have a really exciting in character project that gives a DIY feel that other orders tend to not need to focus on. On top of this we are one of the few aerial combat oriented military orders on Argent Dawn.

What kind of Roleplay can we expect from the Thalassian Skyguard?

As mentioned, the Skyguard are based upon the concept of aerial combat. This allows the order to have immersive, fresh and arguably unique events. Being a heavy role playing guild, quality events are essential for our priorities. We focus on allowing room for character progression and growth subsequently as an order via our medal and aerial kill score systems.

We have a diverse pool of DM’s who look to make immersive events which vary in scale, offering characters chances to shine and progress. We encourage other people to look into running events. You can also expect to be seen with other guilds, alliance or horde. Having allies and enemies keeps us out of the city and helps us to make more friends!

I have noticed a lot of your core members are from another guild, are you replacing that guild?

Yes, we have a lot of people who migrated from another guild, but we are by no means a replacement for the guild we left. Those of us who chose to leave wanted to explore a different tone and focus and wish nothing but love and success to the guild that brought us together as they continue to remain active and recruit.

Guild rules

Out of character we believe in second chances and won’t resort to heavy punishment unless the situation arises where it is needed. Here are some of our rules:

  • RL prioritises over WoW. We respect that everyone has a life outside the game, which may take priority over attending events or maintaining a current subscription. And that’s okay! We simply ask that we’re kept in the loop.

  • Follow Blizzard’s rules for what is and isn’t acceptable in public channels, and remember that your conduct reflects on the guild as a whole.

  • No OOC in say, yell or emote; please use /p, /raid or /guild for any ooc corrections. Remember that just because you’re not roleplaying doesn’t mean you won’t be disrupting others. No Lollers here please!

  • Keep up-to-date with current guild affairs on the guild Discord (link will be supplied upon joining); this functions as our main information point where availability polls will be posted and event dates confirmed as well as an ooc social hub.

  • While we endeavour to supply diverse, regular and engaging events including participation in multi-guild campaigns, please remember that we’re not here to spoon feed you; members are expected to be willing to create their own rp outside of official events. We also welcome all members regardless of experience and confidence to DM events for the guild (subject to discussing plot with an officer first).

  • Obtain a formal set of gear which is green and gold in theme (traditional Farstrider colours); guild members are more than happy to help run old dungeons and raids if there’s a particular bit of transmog you’ve set your heart on. Outside of official ceremonies you are encouraged to wear gear that fits the situation and won’t get you killed.

  • Be respectful, treat others as you wish to be treated, and don’t cause unnecessary drama.


• We strongly encourage any applicants wishing to join the ranks of the Skyguard to make use of our argent archives page which carries all of our additional information about the Dragonhawks and guild structure.

• The application process is all done through an in character interview, so you will be required to either approach a member of the Thalassian Skyguard or send a letter to the recruiting officers: Devontae, Lavelan and Ashleaf.

• We intend this guild to be immersive and character-focused; as such, expect attendance at events to be rewarded with progression via ranks, medals and kill-score tracking as well as plot opportunities. This will mean we can’t promote or give rewards if you aren’t online and at events!

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This looks awesome. :slight_smile:


Very cool concept, good luck :smiley_cat:


It’ll be interesting to see your take on the Thalassian Aerial forces. Best of luck to all of you :slight_smile:


I like the storyline you’re going with. Good luck with it all :slight_smile:


Looking forward to RPing with you, good luck bros :smile:


It’s starting! And not to flatter Eri and I, but our building is the best building there is.


Agreed. Very cool building. I wish you had invited me to your building one day.


Looks sick, good luck!


So the Sun Hawks are no more then? (Can’t tell due to guild tags being oft-outdated, like mine).

Good luck on making this work though! I might have an event or two that could do with some aerial assistance in the future!


So the Sun Hawks are no more then? (Can’t tell due to guild tags being oft-outdated, like mine).

Nope! The Sun Hawks continue in their original iteration, and we wish them nothing but love and success, but a few of us have decided to move on to something new.


Now, this is interesting. Who is better in skies? Skyguard or Sun Hawks. Can’t wait to see friendly competion.


And does it matter, when neither have frost wyrms in their stables? :skull:


They should do a duelling competition.

Not really because aerial shackle brutalises them and makes them useless.


This concept is pretty cool! I have confidence in you that you’ll offer a great community for great roleplayers going forward. :slight_smile:


I see you have finally joined the superior side (and race)


Thank you everyone for the support shown towards our guild. We hope to be able to come and work with everyone in the not so distant future as we find our footing. Thank you again!


all y’all should relog on this forum + the old one a few times so you show up as Thalassian Skyguard instead of Sun Hawks


It doesn’t works well. I’ve been trying since I left the SH (a month ago). Or does it works better if it’s just trading the guild name?
[Edit] Oh, yeah it works if you have another guild instead! Thanks Tehya!