[H] “Guild Name TBD” recruiting

Hey everyone, I server transferred to Frostmane to play with a couple of friends back in the day.
I’m a returning player to WoW and would like to get a little horde group going.
I know that the server population is low and even more on the Horde side, so more of a reason to get together :).

The plan would be:

  • mostly to keep the few hordies together and help each other out;
  • focus on activities such as Mythic DGs, BGs and small stuff
  • potentially move into raiding

All I need is actually Horde players interested in starting a fresh guild with me (yeah friends are gone #sadtimes)

The rules to be set in the beginning would just be to have English speakers in the group to keep it a bit more uniform (as you can see my English is not the best aswell haha)

I’ll gladly set up a discord and all the logistics involved to have a nice time playing WoW in Frostmane!

Would love to ear from you guys and I’ll see you all in-game!

Add me SnakeFM#2282

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