[H][10/10 MC & Ony] <Recurve> - Semi-Hardcore PvE and PvP


Recurve is a guild made up of a group of old school and long-time players who have experience in every raiding tier from original vanilla to current and past mythic progress.

We’ve cleared all the content so far and have recently set up a 2nd raid team who have cleared to Sulfuron in MC and are hoping to finish up the rest this Sunday, so we’re opening recruitment again.

We’re pretty laid back and looking for players who are chilled out and want to progress in the game, but we still expect a decent level of play from our members. You don’t have to make every raid, you don’t need to farm for hours before each one. We’re not going for speed clears here, we’d much rather have a laugh while we get some loot and go for logs.

We have a relaxed raid atmosphere and don’t care if people make mistakes as long as they learn from them, if you don’t, you can expect some jokes about it for the rest of your WoW career.

Raid Times (Both Raid Groups):

Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 ST
Sunday - 20:00-23:00 ST (Usually just a backup raid day)



Shaman - High
Priest - High

Druid(Moonkin) - High
Priest - Medium
Warlock - Medium
Warrior - Low

What we require:

  • Mature and respectful attitude in guild and raids.
  • Good attendance
  • Turn up prepared to the raid (food buffs and pots)
  • Discord (voice chat)



A bump for ya mon :arrow_double_up:


Hello there. Me and about 7 mates are looking for a guild in classic. Are you rolling on a PvP realm or PvE?


Hey, we’ll be rolling on a PvP realm.

If you want to have a chat you can catch me on discord - Asurah#5182


Still looking for all classes.


good bunch of lads


We’ve been enjoying some antics during the stress test - come join us!


Hi you guys sound like a good fit for me and my friends there will be 3maybe 4 of us looking to join tank heals and dps and the 4th has not made up his mind id like to have a chat with you on discord tomorrow if your still looking that is :slight_smile:


Also what server are u looking to go on so can save names on the right realm


Hey mate! We’re leaning more towards Shazzrah at the moment, add me up on Discord and we can talk some more :slight_smile: Asurah#5182


Get ready for the banter


Lots of spaces for Rogues and DPS Warriors still. Where you at?


Bump! We are still looking for more members.


Update: We are now committed to rolling on Razorgore. If you’re looking for a chill place to play, we still have 1-2 spots for most classes (especially healers!).


I tried to reach both of you on discord.
we are a grp of 4 (Tank, Heal, rogue and Mage) that might want to join all of us have been playing like you all the way uptill now in retail, and would like to raid and you guys seem like a good match.


Hi there,
Your guild looks like a good choice for me.
I currently have 3 names reserved on gehennas mage,lock,rogue .
Need any of these?
Have played since vanilla but lost interest at about leigion and then turned to private servers.


Recurve seems like a nice fit for me, accept my friend request on discord and I’ll be in touch! (Retax#5878)


We’re still looking for melee dps and a few shamans, druid and priest healers.


Razorgore is the place to be. If you’re a Hunter, Rogue, healer or just an all-around cool dude then hit us up.


Me, my brother and a friend are looking for a guild that matches your guild discription. The raiding scedule matches our family life we lacked in 2006 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
We will be rolling priest, warrior and druid.
I have send you both a friend request on discord (Sayfus#0639).