[H] 2.1 cr 3s Hpaly and more

Hello hello, well the lfg life is real … , last season I finished with 2 hpal at 2.2 cr and 1 disc at 2.2 and a rdruid at 2.1 but on ally, I spent my days in lfg to find queus… Not able to push that glad… Here again with shadowlands I have switched my chars to horde for more ppl i guess … I was already at 2k cr on the first day of the season, after that it’s total death… So I made several alts and stuff and pve in the process… time to find players to play with really stirs me up… I even made a video on it, still didnt get glad… I am at 1am in the lfg…
Anyway, looking for people with minimum 2.2 exp current season or last season or even old if you are two friends of old exp or other we can play ez, dm me:
Holy # 22275,
I have a pal at 2.1 another r at 1.8 and another not started 3s with , and a rsham 1.8.