[H] 222 Holy priest looking for Mythic Raiding guild


I am a 40 year Dutch guy who likes to play wow. Looking for a new home where i can join the Mythic Raid. I am playing a Holy Priest with ilvl 222. Got extensive experience in Heroic and did some Mythic raiding so far.

Looking for a guild who speaks English and where i can be part of the ‘main’ team. Preferably i play outside of the weekends but Sunday evening would be an option.

Please let me know if you have a room for this lost priest :slight_smile:

Hello, we are in need of the 5th healer.

Hi, thanks for the reply. How to get in contact to discuss the options?

aidda#2112 on bnet

Hello friend,
We are a new Guild with core members 10/10 Heroic looking for new people to set the foundation into Mythic Raiding. If you are interested you can either add me on Bnet, Willathor#2522 or Discord Willathor#4243

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Gerain

Hope youre well.

We have quite a few dutch/belgique players within the guild and plus we are in need of another healer and would welcome to opportunity to play along side you.

Please have a read of our post below and if it interests you, please do add me on battlenet. Look forward to hearing from you.


Hey, take a look at Coalescence (on Kazzak) and see what you think, we raid 20:00 to 23:00 Thursday and Sunday and are an active guild with plenty of m+ etc going on outside of raids. You can get me on discord Rainbow#8395.