[h] 2.2xp lock lf long term teammates

Hello there,

I’m tired of queueing LFG every day. I’d like to look for something more long term. I’m looking for people who are in love with PvP and are aiming to improve and want to push.

I’ve been playing the game as warlock long time, but got addicted to PVP at legion, when I finished +2k almost all seasons, once I even reached 2.2k but I’ve always been more of a PvE player. Now I’m back on Shadowlands and I have will to improve and play at a high level PVP. I’m a person that always strives to do my best in any game I played. I’m not a bad player, but not the best I’m up to learn new and improve. I’m willing to play any viable comp, but prefer Shadowplay. My goal is try to get to at least 2.4.

If you are interested add me Tedolas#2623