[H] 3 returning players LF casual fun


3 semi-old players have returned to wow. We killed Sire D and had some tries on Sylvanes HC, and did a lot of m+ (15+). Then we quit, uninstalled etc.


We are:
Warlock (DPS, demons)
DK (Tank, DPS)
(Gear is so-so, since we made new chars)

We used to be good players back in the days! Time have caught up with us, and the reactions are declining! Still we are having fun, and we are a fun bunch to hang out with on disc.

Our main goal is having fun in Dragon Isles doing dungeons (M+). But that doesn’t mean we won’t join a raid if needed. We have experience both as players and with raidleading.

Untill lauch of Dragon Isles, we would like to get a regular team going doing m+, two nights a week or more.

So what are we looking for? Well a bunch of people who plays the game for fun, who doesn’t go into a fury of rage when things go bad, who cares more about the community, than dpsmeters (although the “meterrace” is ofc why we all play the game. Everyone knows that!)

We play most nights, and sometimes we don’t. Its a game after all…


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