[H] 387 Priest LF guild

(Yraall) #1

Hiyaa :slight_smile: .
I’m main Holy / Shadow priest currently on EU Argent Dawn.
My ilvl is 387 & ended with 4/8M with a looot of tries on mythic G’huun.
I’m looking for some more chill guild with some mythic progression.
2 raiding nights per week would be the best :slight_smile: .
You can hit me up either on battle.net: PhillRoss#2836 or Discord where I’m all the time: Yraall#1504. I’m ready to send any logs etc.
Hope to hear from anyone <3 :slight_smile: .

(Aïther) #2

Hey there!

We’re Primal Madness 7/8 M, we raid Monday-Tuesday 19-23 CET. We’re currently looking for a priest healer to fill our last Core Healer spot in our roster. Not sure what you mean with Chill though, cause we only raid 2 days but we have our standards and activity outside the raid is a must, to gear up with m+ and so on.

Well check out our post for more info:

Hope to hear from you soon!
Kind Regards