(H) 5/8m raiders Lf CE Guild


Hello too who ever thats reading this!

So we are a group of around +5players thats looking for a new guild. As the current one felt the horrors of inactivity.

About us

An active group mainly from sweden but also from England and other places in Europe. Thats active early mornings to late nights. Sitting in discord joking around, pushing keys, doing Island, arena etc.
We all are looking to raid on the higher end and push higher keys as we all are around atleast +1500 Rio.
We lack some progress on bosses that we know should be dead because we had issues with roasters, inactvity, and sad to say some straight up bad players holding back.

what can we offer

Most of us are former officers and a raidleader, so we fully understand whats needed of us.


  • +95% Attendance
  • Prepared with boss knowledge aswell as raid consumables.
  • Actively working with sims, logs etc to keep our knowledge about our own and other classes at a high standard.
  • Raid ready alts if needed for class stacking or other roles needed.
  • Not afraid to wipe.
  • Over 25 y/o atleast.

what are we looking for

We are hoping for a 2-3 raiding guild with experience and goals to continue pushing high, in upcoming tiers and expansions.
An active guild both before and after raids, seeing we push Keys, Gear alts, sell mythic + Boost etc. And we are looking for like minded players.


(have over 8 charrs over 380, with atleast 32 in necks, 1500rio druid etc)


Only alt. https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/stormscale/Whaleman


(Druid, dk, monk high geared for tankning and healing, all 380+. Dh for both dps and tanking)


(Druid alt and more coming.)


(Do not attend to play dk as main. Will either play priset or hunter.)


(Aiming to main the shaman as Ele/resto. This man is King of alts and herb farming, hates mythic +, but a top raider!)

There is allot more to say and we are ready to anwser any questions you might have.

You can get in touch with us on devada#2446 / jophiel#3864

Thanks for reading and hope you might consider a team thats ready to pull up our sleeves for high mythic raiding and mythic+!


Hey! Very nice post! I’ve added you guys, I’m IceCube#xxxxx. We’re 8/8M guild


Hey there Jophíel,
Were 7/8 mythic guild looking for some of the classes that are in your group. Here is a link to my post. Please feel free to contact me on Discord for anything you need.
Regards, Lolly (Discord tag Lolly@9720).