[H] 6/8 HC fury warrior looking for guild

Hi I’m Troy or Thassillo in game I’m a fury warrior but I have played prot in the past and am willing to play either. currently 6/8 HC via plugging. I don’t fancy trying to pug the last 2 bosses although it will show me as 8/8 I got boosted and won’t try and claim I progressed those kills legitimately.

I’m looking for a chill guild that doesn’t take themselves to seriously, I wanna laugh at the guy that did a 1080 summersault off the platform not crucify them in a fit of nerd rage no matter how good you are at some point you’ve done it get over it and go again.

I’m a parent so I can only log in sunday-thursday after 8-9ish game time but I’m online all night after that so a guild that raids later in the evening would be great

I’m an OG I used to run around molten Core as a little kid in cloth gear as a warrior “because it looked cool” don’t worry I was a clueless child back then…now I’m a clueless adult, much better :joy: I’ve played every expansion from vanilla to MoP where I quit the game because pandas and dailies…who thought that would be fun :roll_eyes: and sold my account foolishly thinking I’d never return, got a new account for WoD and cleared 7/7 HC 3 or 4/7 Mythic before quitting, come back briefly in legion and got ahead of the curve and quit again because I didn’t like the direction the game was taking and haven’t played since then until dragonflight. Dragonflight however is looking really promising and I’m really enjoying it but I need a new group of friends as all my old mates have quit over the years couple considering coming back but none taken the leap yet

Reply to this thread I’ll keep an eye on it or just add my battle swag Troyg94#2503

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