[H] 8/10M MW Monk LF Mythic raiding guild

Hi hi!

I’m a 224 MW monk with 8/10M prog, and with recent CE experience from last tier. I’m looking for a new mythic raiding guild to potentially continue progressing with. My previous guild slowly broke apart with people burning out and gradually quitting, so here I am on the lookout for a new group.

I’m aware MW monks are not especially desirable in raid at the moment but I’m a firm believer that MW is still a solid pick and I’ve been pushing my spec as far as to get to this point and play to all my strengths (my team also believed in me and gave me a chance to make MW work :D).

If interested and you want to chat further, add me: Miru#2281

Hi Miru,

If your still looking for a guild we would love to speak with you.
Please have a read of our recruitment post and if it interests you please do add me to battlenet - Psykick06#2401