[h/a] monk/shaman 6/8 m looking for new guild

Hello all,

My current guild decided to stop raiding for the foreseeable future and therefor i am now looking for a new guild.

What im looking for
I am looking for a raiding guild aiming for cutting edge every tier. My schedule allows for about 3 days a week of raiding.

My classes
monk: Xuèna-tarren mill
shaman: shabbuss-tarren mill
current: MW monk
needs some gear but able to play: BM monk / resto shaman
needs relearning but has gear: WW monk
need gear and relearning : enhancement/ elemental shaman

My raid times
I am able to raid on the following days/times:

monday 19:00 - …
tuesday 20:10 - …
wednessday 19:00 - …
thursday 20:10 - …
friday 20:10 - …
saturday 20:10 - …
sunday 20:00 - …

About me
I am a 22 year old dutch student. I’ve been playing wow since WoD and started raiding in the last tier of that expantion. since then i’ve always been raiding and pushing for higher progress.

My experience:
started playing wow during Hellfire Citadel (WoD)

HFC 9/13M Shabbus-silvermoon resto shaman

EN 2/7M Shabbus-silvermoon enhancement shaman

NH 3/10M Shabbus-silvermoon enhancement shaman (heroic)
Xuèna-silvermoon brewmaster monk (mythic)

TOS 4/9M Xuèna-silvermoon brewmaster monk

ABT 5/11M Xuèna-silvermoon brewmaster monk

Uldir 2/8M Xuèna-silvermoon brewmaster monk
Illidribus-silvermoon vengeance DH (grip for Zek’voz)

BDA 9/9M Xuèna-Tarren Mill Mistweaver Monk / Shabbuss-Tarren Mill Resto Shaman (Jaina Mythic)

TEP 6/8M Xuèna-Tarren Mill Mistweaver Monk

contact me on my Btag:


if you wouldn’t mind going Alliance, Stasis on Ravencrest could use an elemental shaman or windwalker monk. We are 7/8 mythic at the moment, with p3 progress on Azshara. We are a long term guild, we do aim to clear raids before the tier is over, but never sacrifice the guild’s well-being for that and that allowed us to stay in business for many years on the same realm.

Our raid days are:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Sunday

20 - 23 server time with invites start at 19:45.

If that sounds interesting, feel free to contact our officers:

  • Juicifer - Juicifer#2317 - very nice and chatty guy, can do voice on Discord as well.
  • Lithian - Battletag: Lithian#2207 - guild master&raid leader, currently playing the role of a bitter veteran and doesn’t smalltalk, but can totally be a nice guy too.
  • Sakanade - Battletag: Saka#2160 - well, that’s me. I err, can talk, as long as you don’t ask me for voice. And if you ask me about the weather, I will probably reply that it is freezing, since I almost live in the Arctic.

We also have a recruitment bot and a channel on our guild Discord: https://discord.gg/zP6gFB, feel free to check it out!

Best regards,