[H] A New Rising recruiting, semi hc

Hello everyone,

A New Rising is recruiting for their raid team:

1 Rogue ( Spec doesnt matter )

1 Fury Warrior

1 Resto Shaman

2 Warlocks

2 Hunters

About us: We are a semi-casual/hardcore raiding guild. We clear MC and Ony in one night and are looking for additional members to venture into BWL. We are a friendly and mature guild with our own discord where members reguarly come together to have a chat. We also like to PvP together from time to time. We like to progress but we also acknowledge most of us have a social life aswell so we created a nice balance between progressing and IRL.

Raid times : We raid on Monday and Thursday from 20:00 till 22:30.


We are looking for people that we can rely on in terms of showing up for raids. Gear doesnt really matter as long you are willing to improve that outside of raids aswell.

Also a mature and friendly attitude is asked for

Loot system:

We are using a silent bidding DKP system with the MonolithDKP addon. If you want to know more about this or other loot rules feel free to message me on disc or ingame.

Contact: You can either contact Valentine ingame or on Discord and when im not online you can ask for another officer thats online.

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