[H] <Adauctus> |PvE| Recruiting more Raiders

<Adauctus> , based on the Razorgore server , horde side , is now recruiting more members so we can continue to progress.

We just started raiding a week ago, and are at 8/10 MC and 1/1 Onyxia.

:fist_right: About us :fist_left:

<Adauctus> used to be the number two raiding guild on a slightly smaller server ( Burning Steppes ) during the TBC era.
Back then we started a bit behind the curve, but managed to climb the ranks rather quickly, eventually clearing all relevant TBC content including and up to half of Sunwell before the next expansion hit the shelves.

Whilst we’re not aiming for that level of raiding here as we’re a lot older and have lives, we expect to still have some healthy progress while enjoying ourselves.

Over the months we have recruited and recruited, and steadily built our roster from the ground up.

We are now at a point that we have have a core, but from time to time still need to do semi-guild runs to fill the gaps in our roster. Hopefully this will change with this recruitment post.

:fist_right: Our goals : :fist_left:

  • Be the kind of guild you log in for. Not just for shiny loot.
  • Complete every phase of PVE content.
  • Be one of the last guilds standing. We’re in it for the long term.

:fist_right: What we offer : :fist_left:

  • Experienced leadership.
  • Experienced raid leading.
  • A friendly semi-mature atmosphere.
  • Guild dungeon groups for obtaining pre-raid bis and attunements as long as we can stomach them.
  • Some good banter on discord when we are not doing serious content
    ( Expect sounds of beer getting poured, and pringles being eaten).

:fist_right: What we won’t offer : :fist_left:

  • Organized PVP, unless it’s from a members own intiative.
  • Heavy Min-Maxing. No we don’t require flasks for 15 year old molten core. And we do allow one or two meme-specs in the raid. (within limits and based on difficulty level of the content).

:fist_right: What we are looking for ::fist_left:

High Prio

  • Resto Druid
  • Warlock
  • Resto Shaman
  • Holy Priest

Low Prio

  • Mage
  • Hunter

<Adauctus> is however also open to anyone who just wants to have a nice friendly home while they enjoy the game on their own terms.

:fist_right: What we ask for ::fist_left:

  • Speak English at all times during guild activities, unless you’re just shouting to your significant other. :sweat_smile:
  • Be able to at least listen to and understand spoken and written instructions on voice coms ( Discord ) during guild runs.
  • Commitment to make it to as many raiding days as possible.
  • Be a decent person, contribute as much as you can.

:fist_right: Raid Schedule ::fist_left:

  • Wednesdays from 20:00 sever-time to about 22:30 / 23:00
  • Sundays from 17:00 server-time till around 20:00

:gift: Loot system :gift:

During the years Adauctus has always used EPGP, and because of our good experiences with it we will continue that fashion in classic.

A full forum post on our website explains it in detail.

:wave:How to Join / Apply / Trial:wave:

Please either

  • Visit our website at “adauctus . shivtr . com”, ( leave out the spaces ) and make an account there and use the apply button. We will get back in touch.
  • Whisper us ingame on the following characters :
  1. Guild Master : Mooseld
  2. Officer : Surak
  3. Officer : Arkonimortal

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