[H] <Aeternum> recruiting for raiding [BWL 8/8]


Guild Name: Aeternum
Region: EU
Language: English
Faction: Horde
Realm: Razorgore
Loot policy: OLS (Onslaught Loot System) in BWL and onward. Rolling out loot in MC/Onyxia/ZG.
Raiding schedule (server time, subject to change):
Wednesday and Sunday or Monday 20:00-23:00 (normally 2 raids per week).

Everything on farm. Will be doing two groups for ZG once a week.

Aeternum is recruiting more members for raiding. We are a tight group of players that raided all Vanilla content. Our goal is to create a small compact community for raiding two days a week. All nationalities welcome. To fit in perfectly to the guild you just need to be a nice person and have passion for the game.

What we can offer is a guild with a healthy atmosphere that is certain to provide you with an awesome end game experience!


Currently looking for few more members to bolster the raiding squad. Exceptional candidates from other classes and roles always considered! Current recruitment targets will be updated below as needed:


Druid (1)
Priest (1)
Shaman (1)

For more information please contact any of the following in game: Granky, Hightime, Gaffer, Escapology, Orry or Hardoch

Discord at anytime: Granky#3179, Hightime#6292 or Orrydude#6858

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