[H] AetherCollective - Draenor 10/10HC Looking to start Mythic


AetherCollective is a semi hardcore guild founded in BFA with the aims of creating a comfortable, friendly, yet competitive raiding environment for the previously hardcore player who still want to push for curve each tier as well as new seasonal content. However, we have taken newer players on who were keen to learn and get better at the game, and have reaped the rewards from doing so. Our current roster houses years of raiding experience, from cutting edge raiders from expansions past and boomers from the early days. Some of our core members have already completed keystone master as well, and many more on their way.


We have recently cleared CN 10/10 HC, and as with any raid tier the natural cycle occurs of people burning out and stepping away from the game. However, we remain vigilant in our aims of getting some mythic progression in before the next patch, and hope to bolster our current roster to do the same in the upcoming raid tiers. Our current plan is to get HC farm on one night, and Mythic progress on the next (We may even move to Mythic twice a week)

From a raider this is what we expect from you:

  • To be confident in your class and role, to step up to the plate and be the best you can
  • To communicate with the rest of the raid team on raid nights. (Discord)
  • To be critical and weigh in on fights, tactics and composition. Don’t be afraid to speak up!
  • To have somewhat of an understanding of boss mechanics and what to expect
  • To be enchanted, food buffed (etc), simming your character and taking pride in your logs
  • To enjoy yourself, get involved in the banter and be as transparent as possible when you will be available.

Our current raid days are Wednesday and Thursday 20:00-23:00 with a 15-minute break halfway. We also offer the opportunity for an Alt-run on a Monday (Currently normal) at the same time. This is a fantastic way to get to know us and have a laugh. While being a raider we expect you to turn up on time, however real life comes first and we are fully committed to honouring that, but we would love if you could let us know in advance. Past experience and juicy logs are favoured obviously, but we will always consider anyone.

We are currently recruiting for all roles to get the mythic ball rolling!!!

We also have avid Pvpers in the guild who love to get stuck in with arenas and rbg’s, and as mentioned earlier all of us get stuck in with Mythic + and love pushing keys, with groups running every day and some of us having achieved keystone master already.

Other Notes

We always welcome socials to the guild who may not have the confidence to start raiding and getting stuck in with group content, but we hope that we can encourage you to start. We are a friendly, approachable lot that are happy to help and answer questions and thrive on meeting new people and helping others out; we just want to you to experience the game like we do and a game we all love.

If any of this interests you, please message one of our officers (Including me) using the details below.

Peaches (Guild Master)
Discord: Peach#7536

Budka (Officer)
Discord: Womps#0985

Lux (Officer)
Discord: Lux#5097

Homegad (Officer)
Discord: Omegad#1691

Xaohs (Raid Leader)
Discord: Zzzz#6969

We look forward to hearing from you!!!



I’m currently looking for a guild to raid heroic on this DK main (current armory profile) and stand-in as a backup dps for mythic if required. I’ve got 5/10M exp and around 4 years experience of Raid/Guild Leading.

I’m mainly looking to go a bit easy with raiding and want to play my alts more in the raid and m+, but still playing my DK mainly in raids since I love playing it. Some occasional rated PvP would be an absolute bonus for me on my main.

You can look up my logs by the name “Sykretts”.

I’ve tried adding peach on discord but that name doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve sent a request to Lux instead meanwhile.
If you feel you’d want someone like me in, let’s have a chat :slight_smile:

Bnet - Sykretts#1919
Discord - sykretts#3650

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We are still looking for a healer (Pref holy pala) and DPS to fill the last gaps in our roster!

Are you currently looking for a SP?

A little about myself here…

we could certainally do with a shadow priest, if you want to talk more feel free to add me on discord or any of the others in my post :slight_smile:

Hello, we are still looking for a few people to fill up our roster in order to start mythic progression. We’re still recruiting all roles.