Looking for a new horizon


After nearly 3 years the main core of raiders I was with decided to disband the guild and a few of us have recently joined another guild, myself as a social because I do not want to be forced into Mythic raiding, but am pretty certain being in a guild as a social is not what I want from the game as I enjoy raiding. So…

I am looking for an established English speaking HC Horde raiding guild, 8pm - 11pm server time if possible, raiding 2-3 nights a week that is focused on achieving Curve at a reasonable pace after a new tier is released and in a relaxed drama free raiding environment (I’m too old for all the drama) and that attempts mythic content but does not force you into this.

SP main - Sstriken (only ever healed once in 15 years of wow and is not something I enjoyed) - 9/10 HC and 2/10 Mythic.

Recently switched from BM Hunter which is 10/10 HC and 2/10 Mythic.
Havoc DH - currently level 60 but does not get played much.

Work means I would have a high raid attendance but it will not be 100%, would also not usually be able to raid on Tuesdays or Fridays due to RL stuff and most would consider me as an older gamer.

Let me know if you feel I may suit your guilds needs.

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Hi Strikenn,

I know you asked for 8-11 raiding 2/3 times week but you also mentioned being an older raider which i took to mean more responsibilities. Would you be interested in 1/day raiding with our Thu team? They are on par with your current exp.

Hey there, we’re not a raiding guild as of yet since we are only a new small guild. If you’d like to be apart of our growing process, feel free to read our post and get in touch!

Hi, we are looking to recruit for mythic progression at a steady pace.

Hi mate,

Just thought I’d reach out to you as I think that our guild meets most of the criteria you outlined above. Mingle (10/10HC 1/10M) is a mature and laid back progression guild, looking for skilled ranged DPS and a healer to continue Mythic progression that we started yesterday. We have been clearing HC for a couple of weeks now whilst we have been trying to fill our last spots! What is really important to us is making sure that we are doing all of this content in the right environment with a nice group of people.

We currently raid Thursday and Sunday 20:00-23:00 (Server Time) and have a great community that push Mythic+ keys throughout the week. However, I realise that we are an Alliance guild based on Ravencrest, but you sounded like too good of a fit to not message.

Please feel free to add my BNET (Ravis#2584) if you’re interested and want to chat.

All the best,


Hi, i think we could be a perfect fit, here is our recruitment post

Hey. We are looking for more ranged dps. Check out our post and give me a shout if you think it’s a fit :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies all.
I’m no longer looking for a guild.