[H] After Midnight - Best Late Night Raiding 8/9M

(Veero) #1

After Midnight is looking to improve our current roster for Mythic BOD.

About Us

We are based on [H] The Maelstrom.

Guild Size: Aiming for 22-23 Raiders.
Guild XP: We started in mid-legion, and then journeyed into Uldir and was the first late night raiding guild to achieve cutting edge ghuun mythic.

We pride ourselves on being the absolute best late night raiding has to offer.

Goal: Cutting Edge on all upcoming raids in a reasonable amount of time.

Guild type: PVE, Semi-hardcore

After midnight has a variety of players from all different backgrounds. Our community like to participate in all walks of PVE content. Mythic +, Raiding and new BFA content. We also have a small amount of players who enjoy PVP.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday - 1.30-4.00 AM ST
Thursday - 1.30-4.00 AM ST
Friday - 1.30-4.00 AM ST

Tuesday would mean Monday evening.

We do not have a guild website so all applications will be received and handled by our officer team all of which you can find battle tags for below.

What we are looking for in a player :

1. You must be an experienced raider, we are looking to progress mythic so having mythic experience of any level is necessary.

2. We will look over Warcraft logs, so providing any relevant log information to help evaluate you and how you play is a must.

3. Activity. We are looking for players who are comfortable being able to attend all 3 of our raids 99% of the time. As we keep a small tight nit team its important that your activity matches ours unless severe circumstances should occur.

Current Recruitment Needs

Tanks : Open

Healers : Open


Melee : Open

Range : Open Prio Moonkin

Please note. All applicants will be considered if we deem your application to be exceptional. Please don’t be deterred if your class is not listed above as you still may be considered.

Other information :
The guild is filled with mature experienced laid back, banter-loving raiders because of their in real life schedules that prevents them from raiding on normal times. Most of our raiders are very dedicated, loyal and hard working trying to ensure that all content is completed on time.

We are hoping you will make a great addition to our team.

If you are interested
Please Contact
Officers - Veeto#2676 - Geebaws#2550 - Aerithorn#2876 - Hanouki#2817


The After Midnight Team.


Looking for all dps and a restoration shaman.

(Veero) #3

Looking for all dps and a resto shaman. 8/9M late night raiding


Recruitment still open for all DPS and a Resto Shaman.

(Veero) #5

Recruitment still open for all DPS and a Resto Shaman.


Available to talk anytime.


Recruitment still open for all DPS and a Resto Shaman!

(Veero) #7

Still looking Bump!



Bump! Recruitment still open for all classes! Keen to hear from Ranged DPS


Still recruiting all classes ranged dps have prio.


Recruitment still open for all classes!

(Veero) #11

Still looking for all active late night players.