[H] <Almagest> 10/10HC 2/10M Recruiting for progress

Almagest 2/10 M is recruiting players with the same or better experience for our main roster, as well as m+ / rbg players and socials!

We are a freshly formed guild by a handful of friends who want to raid properly, whilst having a chill and relaxed attitude towards the game.

Some of us have been playing together since TBC/WotLK and we’ve been friends for quite a long time. Thus, we are looking for mature players who will, besides contributing to the raid progress, also contribute to the guild atmosphere, which is relaxed and friendly, with no toxicity whatsoever.
Please, provide us with a link of decent logs (preferably mythic, or minimum heroic), or if you are an old player with decent progress in some of the previous raid tiers and are starting anew (with proper gear), do not hesitate to provide the links for some of those raids.

Classes in need:

Tanks: Open

Healers: only OS; MS closed

All applications will be considered but warlocks and death knights are high priority.

Raid days/time - Wednesday + Sunday, 20:00 - 23:00 realm time.

If you believe that this kind of team fits you and your needs, and that you can contribute to us as well, feel free to leave your recruitment in the guild discord: discord.gg/YChdHRRFqC

If you have any further questions contact one of the officers:


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