H <alts do it better> enjoying the game


We are by now a midsized guild and more than 130 characters of over 100 accounts.
Currently we are busy with small group content and BG’s but have our eye actively on raiding as we have around 20 characters of level 60 and 30 of level 50 plus.
The coming weeks we will be actively doing attunements and run more end game instances.

We are by no means a raiding guild, we are a casual guild that would like to raid and appreciates playing this game together.
So we won’t be aiming for any server firsts.

Important qualities:

  • Be considerate
  • Enjoy the game
  • Like playing with other people
  • Enjoy running an instance
  • Not not see the game as a loot pinata

Interested? Drop me a line here or speak with someone in game from the guild there is bound to be an officer online or visit our brand new discord.

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