H <Amity> [2/10 Mythic] recruiting for the roster

Greetings everyone,

We are a group of friends that started playing WoW again in the Shadowlands. Soon other group of friends joined and quickly we started to raid, clearing CN normal pretty fast and now progressing quite well in HC. Maybe we can even do Mythic in the future, but we need your help! :slight_smile:

We made our guild a few weeks ago and we’re now trying to expand our roster. We have a reliable 14-16 man team, but we need more if we want to start mythic. We kinda expect a near 100% attendance on raid days. Our raid days are wednesday and sunday from 20:00-23:00 server time. We think consistancy is key in forming a well working team. We also do many M+ keys on the side on other days, and we’re quite social.

We try to play cassually in a way that still steps forward every time we raid. Looking to create a good athmosphere without to much stress, where everyone can enjoy the game while still getting the most out of the content.

If this looks like a guild or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of us;


or me, Joeytotems :slight_smile:


Looking for all roles atm!

Hi I have sent you friend request hope I could join maybe :slight_smile:

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Resto shaman here looking for a guild if your interested in a healer 198 ilvl and 10/10 normal and 4 HC from ALTs using pugs

Bump, looking for DPS and 1 Tank.

We expect your dps to be as high as it should be to raid heroic.

Bump 9/10HC now, desperately looking for a Warlock , Boomkin and and ace Hunter!!!

Bumpie bump—

10/10 HC and now wanting to progress into Mythic.

Looking for a second Main Tank and still some DPS!


1/10 Mythic now.

Looking for a tank and still some DPS [WE NEED YOU] Join the guild ! :slight_smile:


We are now 2/10 Mythic, still looking for people to progress with!

Looking for:

1 Healer (Holy Paladin preferably)
1 Unholy DK
a lot of ranged DPS

Whisper me in-game if interested. :smiley:

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So we merged with the guild named feel free to whisper me over there (or any officer ofcourse!). With our numbers together we’re back on track in mythic :).

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