(H) Annex, newfound guild

Annex = recruiting, we are a newfound guild on Razorgore server and are attempting to bring some change to Razorgore server.

How will we bring these changes? Our aim is to be a guild who raids on tuesdays and wednesdays (20:00 till 0:00 servertime) and clear content on a clear matter. Are you a minmaxxer? No problem, but dont expect every group to have drums. Are you a new player? Not a problem either, as long as your willing to learn the game and your class.

Envoirement: Basically the envoirement you can expect into Annex is loosely and having fun. Having fun in WoW can be defined in alot of ways, from sh*&ttalking with your guildies to clearing content in a clear manner of ways. We tend to (and strive) to find a middle way in these sorts. Hence we do adress, this will not be a minmaxxing guild (altho alot of people will probably allow this mindset, but just not push it like top 100 guilds), and that mindset will be encouraged to some extend, but it will not be the thrive that will be the core of this guild.

What we offer: We offer an envoirement where you can raid 2 days every 2 weeks. Dont get us wrong, you will not miss a single lockout. You raid Wednesday, and be locked for the rest of the week, next lockout week we raid on Tuesday, so there will be a 12 days between these 2 day raids in a row. This allows players to do arenas/bgs/goldfarming/etc in these offtimes. Over time there will come a Alt raid to fill in the gap for players who wish to participate in this.

What we expect from you: Enjoy the game, progress on your character and improve the guild, have a general mature attitude when playing with none guildies and least but not all tendancy, there is no 90% or 80% tendancy policy. If you apply for Annex we plan you in for the raid rank you are in, if you read the whole post you can probably see there is enough time to do this, if not, this will not be the guild for you.

Guild leaders and officers: Have a good lot of experience raiding high end and knowing content (world first kills/server first/top 15 till 2000 guilds retail x classic) Dont expect us to hold your hands into the whole content we will be facing. Everything will be explained for example in a spreadsheet and we expect you do a bit of a research on the content we push forwards to you. This does not mean we will just expect you to know every single nuance in the game.

Guild logistic and rules: Looting will be trough loot council, Annex is a guild and not an individual player so we will proceed seeing it as a guild, hence act on it as a loot council. Regarding content there will be options made by the guild to make cycle of life easier when the time comes and if needed. Regarding rules things are pretty much the basic things. You will act outside the guild still as a representative of the guild, not as an individual once you have our big Annex tag above your head, if you fail to deem responsible for this, you will be corrected accordingly.

Future plans: If people are up for it and we got the ammo for it, speedruns will be in consideration. Mind! This is optional, dont expect, if you apply or join, that this is a certain thing in the future. Ofcourse we will try to push to be high on the rankings of the server and clear raids in a certain pace and order of time.

Contacts: battlenet: Veltana#21307 , Discord: Veltana#4607

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