[H] <Annihilation> is Recruiting!

Hi everyone,

Annihilation is now Recruiting new members for an end game content!

About the guild:

It was form since 2006 was the 2nd best guild on server “6hr’s difference to be server 1st” we had cleared ever encounter at that time.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a solid members who are aiming for the same thing, which is clearing every encounter we face along the way, perfectly as soon as possible to be server first. We are not looking for people who are here too just loot and AFK or slack along the way so we are strict when it comes to selecting members. What we need is people who are aiming to be the best and whiling to work in order to achieve that !

Currently in need of Raider:

Tanks : Closed
Healers : High Priority on Priests, Shaman, Druid
Melees : Open
Ranged DPS : High Priority on Mages,Warlocks,Hunters

What we Expect From you!
Maintain high level of performance
High attendance rate
Long-term member

If you’re interested or you need more info whisper me in game