[H] Another Guild Name - Recruiting

<Another Guild Name>

Region: Europe

Server: Ghostlands and Dragonblight

Faction: Horde

Raid Schedule: Tues 2000-2200 GMT+1 & Thurs 2000-2200 GMT+1

Raid Progression: 5/8N AEP

<Another Guild Name> are a mature, casual guild that is currently healers and DPS for our raid team as well as welcoming non-raiders and social players to bring their best and bolster our ranks. We offer prospective members a warm, welcoming environment to make friends, quest and smash Alliance heads in, and a raid environment without judgement, pressure to progress or constantly meet arbitrary DPS targets. We offer multiple activities during the week, a dedicated and approachable staff team, manageable raid schedule and an encouraging place to thrive in.

If you have any questions or wish to join feel free to contact me.

GM: xDiexZeitx#2599 (BNet) or xDiexZeitx#7418 (Discord)

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