[H] Are there any laid-back, friendly communities/guilds?


I’m curious, are there any laid-back social communities or guilds that are welcoming returning players as well? I returned to the game a few weeks ago after a prolonged hiatus from gaming in general.

I main a fury warrior but I’m considering making a return in tanking, however, I haven’t ever tanked a M+ or anything even close. The last raid that I actively mained a warrior tank was SoO back in MoP and todays PUGs seem daunting as a tank, knowing very little about the current dungeons. There is a learning curve for sure but I’m not ready to take the abuse thats bound to be hurled my way if I dare queue as tank and not perform up to any impatient strangers standards.

At about ilvl 385 I’m probably by no means ready to hop into the action, but I wouldn’t mind a little company along the way.

So, is there any such community out there, here on Tarren Mill?


You could have a read through our post and see if we sound like the type of thing you’re looking for?

We’re pretty relaxed and have plenty of people that love to help with advice, information and perhaps the occasional mentored dungeon run :wink:

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