[H] ARTEM - Full english, semi-hardcore

:speaking_head:< ARTEM >| | :flag_gb: guild | SKULLFLAME Server| :skull: Semi-Hardcore | :clock7: Sun 19:00-22: 00(23:00), :clock7: Mon 19:00-22: 00(23:00) GMT+1

ARTEM strives for a high standard and aims to have an active community internally. The guild β€œARTEM” has been around since early TBC where we were a bunch of friends who decided to start this guild together, gathered in a jacuzzi. ARTEM is a guild based on friends who have since captured several friends along the way to today! Since the time at TBC, the guild has spent its time in mythicraiding in all the expansions. Our community grew from 10 friends to nearly 40 over the years. At ARTEM you’ll find dedicated players who all have the same goals, want to clear content in the best possible way, dedicated players, the social and humor.

Ahead of Classic, we hope to tie the bag with the players we believe will be able to perform at a top level. Our roster will have limited seats, before launch we have set a limit of a total of 50 players. Membership is done through a application via our discord server and has always worked that way. However, we always welcome socials to ARTEM who can join and contribute to a better community!

What we are looking for in YOU: You are a person who are a easy going- and openminded person. We believe you should have the age of 18 or above, know your class inside/out. Participation during the raid through discussions and sharing information that may be beneficial to the remainder. Sharing is caring.

What you will find in US: High standard, good leadership and a relatively humble attitude towards mistakes. A community that will be able to intensify YOUR classic experience!!

:eyes:Check out our discord to see what we’re currently recruiting: at: https_://discord._gg/rD4rzUf