(H) Back to Classic

Hey there,

I have just recently came back to classic and I’m eager to get involved on the server and get back up to speed with current events!

I had started back at the re-release but due to circumstances IRL I had to cancel my sub, however, I’ve recently re-subbed once again and I’m excited to get stuck into some classic content as I never had the chance years ago when it all began. I did however play in TBC.

From what I can see the population seems to be healthy and balanced on the server between factions, hopefully this continues for whatever is left with classic. Speaking of which, what will the future hold, will be go into TBC leaving classic wow behind? At what point do Blizzard stop re-releasing games? Not that I am complaining as TBC does hold some nostalgia for me and I am excited to play if the chance comes along.

If anyone wants a chat in-game give me a /w! I am definitly looking to meet some like minded players and enjoy some of the content while I can!


Welcome back :).

Since nobody is using the forum, I’d recommend to join the server discord: https:// discord.gg/WTBXFQC

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Thank you very much!

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