[H] Balance druid LF guild 19-22ish ST


After working eveningshift for 3 years, i am now changeing to day, and i am therefore on the look out to get into raiding again, i mainly only play balance druid and don’t bother much with alts, i am looking for a guild that raids till 22:00 ST, i want to clear Heroic content, but can also do mythic, willing to transfer to any server except for Draenor. Horde only. for more info or a chat Chanden#21213


Any give on the times say till 23:00 or is your cut off 22:00?

Also, your bnet doesnt seem to work xD


i have to get up at 5 in the morning, so 22-22:30 is what i can do. Bnet should work now.