[H] Ballmers Peak Recruiting - HC & Mythic Raiding



Ballmers Peak is a mature HC and Mythic raiding guild. Traditionally we’ve been focused on HC progress and M+ but in Uldir we also started Mythic progress but only managed to get 2/8 due to some dropping off the game. We emphasize a good social environment over hardcore progression but we’re all motivated to progress. Ballmers Peak is currently recruiting more for our Mythic team but we do accept casuals as well. You can see what classes we’re looking for on our website but we accept applications from everybody!

We raid Wed & Sun 20-23 server time

If you’re interested apply via our website: (can’t post links for some reason so just remove the spaces)

https:// ballmerspeak .net/

Or chat with us on our Discord

https:// discord. gg/HJGBTBa

Hope to hear from you!

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