(H) Beloved Morons is recruiting!

Hello Community,

Beloved Morons is a mature 18+ social/casual raiding guild looking to expand on our roster with a view towards M+ and, at present, Heroic raid content. Experience is not required and we will en-devour to aid any new recruits with tactics and gearing. We are a quirky bunch but are also patient and welcoming :).

We are currently 8/8N and 7/8HC in palace. We raid on Wednesday and Thursday starting at 20:30 realm time, generally running until 23:30 unless we are especially close to finishing an encounter.

We desperately want to start running Mythic + on a regular basis. At present we are having to pug for all roles depending on who we have available, as you can imagine this is very time consuming and not quite as fun as a full guild run.


  • Tanks - we currently have one full time tank, as good as he is the poor man deserves a break! We are looking for any active tanks, as stated previously gearing and experience do not matter to us as we are happy to help anyone grow. We are ideally looking for tanks that would like to dabble in mythic + content, but will never say no to an extra tank for the raiding content!

  • Healers - Same issue as stated with the tanks, we only have a handful of healers and as they are not available 100% of the time we are looking for more players willing to keep us alive while we slap our keyboards in front of a boss! (Yes we do try our best to stay out of the painful bits on the floor).

  • DPS - We always welcome more DPS! More damage = more kills right? we welcome all specs, and find that players perform better playing a spec that they enjoy rather than just choosing the meta each time a patch rolls around.

We have plans in the future to start doing guild events for older content such as Uldir/BoD runs and previous expansion glory achievements for Raids and dungeons.

So, if you are experienced with end game content, found it daunting, or have not had a chance to try it, please add our recruiter (Morrtix#2854),message any questions you have and we’ll get you all started up! :slight_smile:

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