[H] <Big Bad Boyos> Wpvp/PvE - Heed the call of war (8/8 BWL - RECRUITMENT OPEN)

Mok’ra, members of the Horde. The Alliance have made it clear they wish not to share this world with us. As such, it is our duty to the Warchief to instead take it by force. We require all able bodied warriors of the Horde to help stop the Alliance encroachment on Kalimdor and help secure our foothold on the Eastern Kingdoms. Rivers will run red with Alliance blood as we feast on the flesh of all who oppose us. Lok’tar ogar brothers and sisters, grab your shield and take up arms alongside our warband - Together nothing can stop us from ruling this world.

Big Bad Boyos is a WPvP oriented guild already making a name for itself on Zandalar Tribe. So far we have found ourselves sieging Darkshire and Redridge, holding Nesingwary’s camp for the Horde and interrupting Alliance levelling efforts while protecting Horde levelers from being ganked. We are currently looking for any and all members who are mainly interested in the PvP aspect of the game to join our ranks, but take all. Whether you’re interested in killing dragons, players, or time - we’re the guild for you. Due to the fact we are currently without an honour system and BG’s, a lot of our guild content is going to be out in the world. Joining our warband you will experience all forms of content - Blizzard curated or not.

We are welcoming of anyone that wishes to experience all the variants of PvP - from World PvP, BG’s, and of course twinking - when it finally does roll around. Despite being PvP focused we also wish to experience the PvE elements of WoW Classic in a guild environment. Those who are also interested in RP-PvP are more than welcome to find a home in our guild although we don’t intend to do anything more than very light RP, when dealing with the Alliance - usually through joining organized world PvP events.

Phase 1: Phase 1 will mostly consist of levelling, dungeon groups and raiding due to there being no PvP gear as of yet. We also intend to weekend raid to help our players gear up for PvP. City-raids and zone takeovers will also be in focus while there is no such thing as dishonorable kills to take full advantage of our ability rip spleens and punt gnomes. Big Bad Boyos will also feature guild competitions at a later date, such as duel tournaments, Gurubashi arena FFA fights, and more casual things like lvl 1 Tauren races.

Phase 2: When Phase 2 hits, the honour system is finally implemented and as such we will be looking to coordinate with other PvP based guilds on both factions to organize warfronts (not of the BFA kind).These will essentially be PvP wars based in various well-known spots across Azeroth. Raiding will also continue into Phase 2, as we all chase higher honor ranking.

Phase 3: Phase 3 brings Battlegrounds and at this point we’ll be organizing premade groups and raids for queuing BG’s. Some members will also be chasing that elusive rank 14 and as such battleground groups will be active at all hours. This phase is also where twinking will kick off and we already have members planning out their twinks and hoarding their blues.


Although we are a PvP focused guild, anyone that is interested in raiding can and will be able to partake in our raiding team. We are aware that a lot of the Classic community are busy during the weekdays and as such our raiding schedule is set to be on weekends, once enough players have reached level 60. Throughout all phases we will be planning raids and clearing content to chase competitive gear for our PvP endeavours. These raids will more than likely be run with some form of loot council, although this is yet to be set in stone as we’re unaware of how many 60’s we will have in the coming weeks and months. Big Bad Boyos ain’t no elitists either, with plans to take any and all specs into raiding should you fancy popping along. Enhancement tanks, anyone?


Big Bad Boyos do not intend to RP as an in character guild during our time on Zandalar Tribe but should guild members wish to partake solo in RP events or otherwise they are more than welcome. We are also aware of the RP rules of the server and if any guild member is found to be harassing Horde RP events or generally trolling, we urge those targeted to contact an officer or higher-ranking members. However, we won’t be taking any complaints from Alliance who decide to RP in contested areas and get caught in the slaughter of spontaneous world PvP.

Please direct any questions about the guilds rules, plans, or environment - to myself “Wolf” or the other officers of BBB: “Foosty”, “Ferrius”, or “Fraz”. You can find them online most days, and most likely one will be available around the clock.

Thank you for your time, we appreciate you reading through our recruitment post.

And to the Alliance…

We will be seeing you very soon.

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Look out for next week when the Big Bad Boyos host a guildwide Gurubashi Bash Ya Brawling Battle Bonanza. A free for all fight to the death between boyos with multiple tiers of prizes!

The Boyos and other members of the Horde pushed into Alliance lands from Stranglethorn Vale this evening. Laying siege to the town of Darkshire they dealt a large blow to Alliance levelling efforts before a large Alliance defence party formed and pushed them back.

Regrouped and rejuvenated they decided to march into Redridge and attack the outskirts of Lakeshire where they met further resistance. Skirmishes broke out multiple times along the roads of Redridge & Elwynn where finally the Horde warband were routed by the Alliance army.

Although many casualties were sustained on both sides plenty of fun was had all around and I’d like to thank anyone from both Horde and Alliance who took part in this small spurt of spontaneous Wpvp. More to come in the near future.


Great work boys, good to see so many strong forces demolishing the puny alliance. The Warband of Gosh Ogar (Loktar Ogar), would be happy to fight alongside you in battle.

Big Bad Boyos are running their first MC raid this weekend, taking as many members as they can into the depths of the Core. We are currently in need of healers and more DPS to join our ranks so we can begin farming as a guild.

Until then we are looking to partner with other guilds and/or players to fill up the remaining slots in our raid. If you are a Horde player and interested in joining our MC pug run please message me in-game for more information on times and what classes are needed. We will be making sure to inspect gear as well!

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Only had good experiences with people from this guild, highly recommended.

The Big Bad Boyo’s Raid Department is still in need of brave Horde adventurers to join our ranks. Currently we are in need of healers and certain ranged DPS to fill up the final spots for our weekly raid team. If it wasn’t already clear we try to take our raiding casually and currently we are 8/10 in Molten Core due to not having dousers to clear this week however we are planning a full clear of Molten Core this upcoming weekend. We have also slain Onyxia and she is now on our weekly kill list!

If you are looking for somewhere with a laid back attitude to raiding that is going to be involved in a lot of Wpvp in the future as well as honour grinding then we may be the place for you!

Raid times: Friday-Saturday from 19:00-23:00 unless stated otherwise

Loot Rules: Currently we are reserving all main tank warrior items to our two main tanks, other than that gear is free rolled on.

In need of: Healers but will take some ranged dps

Big Bad Boyos have ventured deep into the heart of Molten Core and killed Ragnaros. The Eye of Sulfuras was found amongst the remains of the Fire Lord and is now held by the Orc Shaman Fraz. The Horde will come together to help craft a weapon of legendary proportions which can be used to help swing the war in our favour. We are currently looking to co-ordinate with other guilds on the server who have Sulfuron Ingots to help the Horde craft their first Legendary hammer. Please message Wolf in-game if you are willing to help the Horde on this most epic quest.

Big Bad Boyos are still open to recruits primarily for PvP content as our 40 man raid slots are coming up to full. We will however consider recruiting healers who can fill up a slot when our main healers cannot make it to a raid. Otherwise we are now on the lookout for PvP advocates to join our weekly Wpvp events moving forward in the future we will also be grinding honour and premade BG’s when Phase 3 releases.

Victory or death.

Is this one of those threads where a guy called Wolf posts his comment every other post?

Edit: Oops I broke the pattern.

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Blizzard actually stop you from posting multiple times in a row, so yeah. They don’t want me to talk :frowning:

Well, if only I was Horde. Good luck to you.

Join these guys! They do PVP for the experience and not the reward! looking forward to fighting you again.

Excellent… any guild who encourages world PvP is great.
Instantly added the guild my KoS list.
Looking forward to fight you.

Today the Boyos teamed up with various other warbands of the Horde and infiltrated Stormwind. Behind enemy lines brave warriors charged headfirst to the keep and dealt a mighty blow to the Alliance. This was all done in retalliation to attacks on the Horde capitals only a week ago. Let this be a message to the Alliance. No act will go unpunished. We will be back when you are without the safety of your stone walls.

(Big Thanks to all the guilds that participated in both the attacks and the defenses and big shout out to Garrow for setting all the wheels in motion. Zandalar Tribe Wpvp scene is alive and growing. Let’s keep up the pace for Phase 2 and beyond)

h ttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/632358825747546112/635175997662298121/Bolvar.jpg.png

The loss of Bolvar is sad news, but in our defense, we had a slightly annoying pest infestation in the real Alliance capital.
Fortunately, it was dealt with quickly.


Can’t help but notice the yellow names in there my paladin friend. Too scared to enter the fray?

Don’t even mention it, Horde literally unflagged stacked on us flagged and started sapping. Those kind of moves are very dishonorable and ugly imo. Atleast we are giving you heads up when attacking

Good find, I didn’t notice that, I just grabbed it from a Discord server. Somewhat ruins the value of it, I agree. Fyi I never blueshield, in case you decide to give me a visit. Can’t promise I won’t utilize Divine Retreat for an honourable tie of course.

By the way, I’m really proud of one of your fellow Trolls, a lad named Fiskor, as he showed signs of civilized behaviour tonight. He decided to take a bath, something very uncharacteristic of the smelly Horde animals. He needed some help from me and a fellow Warlock, and it was in lava instead of water, but it’s still a promising start.

I hope you visit our beautiful capital again, so we can teach you more useful things, like wearing shoes or that you shouldn’t mistake potential steaks for allies.

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Also Mcmourning, Magni happened by them AFTER Bolvar, not at the same time.

I know. No need to be so punctual about everything, it’s just cross-faction banter.