[H] Bipolar :): is recruiting!

Bipolar :): is recruiting!

We are a new, progression-focused guild with ambitions to take the Burning Crusade by storm. Our aim is to clear PVE content with ease, but in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We welcome players with the right attitude to join us on our journey, and we are invested in helping each other improve. It’s for this reason that a drive towards self-improvement is one of our core values–if you bring the right mindset, we’ll do our best to provide a fun environment where you can grow as a player and as a person.

We strongly believe that the only way to build a real community, with lasting and meaningful relationships, is to overcome challenges together; this is the essence of the Bipolar ethos.

We are currently recruiting…

Paladin - Holy
Priest - Holy/Disc(DS)

Raid times
Mondays and Thursdays 19:30-22:30 ST


  • Maturity
  • High attendance
  • Fluent English - be vocal and have a decent microphone
  • Always come to raids fully prepared (food, flask, pots, enchants, gems)
  • Consistency - be consistent in and out of raids
  • Self-improvement - you should strive constantly to improve and become the best you can be! (i.e. following the meta of your spec and striving for any upgrades you can obtain outside of raids)
  • Good social conduct in and out of guild activities

We use a typical DKP system with a soft Loot Council element to prioritize certain items for certain classes and specs where there are obvious, major benefits to doing so (e.g. Melee weapons will be prioritized for melee specs, ranged weapons for hunters, and so on)

For more information about Us or about how to join please visit https://discord.gg/kf3skdEAu8
or Hit up Fly#6651 or Shaffan#2092 on Discord

Great dudes with the right experience and motivation, TBC is gunna be a blast


O thanks mate

Bumping the post

Paladinsyes? And maybe a boomkin and warlock

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