(H) Blackrock Slicers UPDATE

Is recruiting more RELIABLE and ACTIVE members for our two raid groups. We are filling a second raid group due to conflicting time schedules. We will have one team for WEEKDAYS, one team for WEEKENDS. We are a friendly and semi serious guild. Not neckbeard level, but also not the slackers heaven.

Socials are welcome too. Especially if willing to fill for a raid slot if needed.

Info about the guild:
We have done MC up to Majordomo (didn’t have dousers yet, we do now)
First Onyxia this week. Getting people attuned.

Loot council/Rolling on cetain items will be used. (Tank warriors get first t1 for example)
Players are expected to show up for raids.
No raid logging. We need active members.
Players are expected to help guildies with pre bis farm/attunements/rep. Guild effort.
Guild Bank has been setup.

Joining our discord server is required. The server has role tags for everyone. Raid times will be posted there should they change.

Most people in the guild are working people, so we have a very mature guild environment.

You can ask for more info if you want to know more. Anyways, here is what we are currently looking for.

Weekend raid team:

3 Resto shamans
1 Resto Druid
2 Fury Warriors
1 Rogue
1 Holy priest

Raid days: MC = Saturday (17:00-18:00 server time), Onyxia = TBD

Weekday raid team:

3 Fury warriors
3 Rogues
2 Warlocks
1 Hunter
2 Resto shamans
2 Holy Priests
4-5 Mages

Raid days: MC = Wednesday (17:00 server time), Onyxia = TBD

If you would like to join one of our raid teams whisper one of these players for more info/invites.

Aja or Gibli if interested in raiding on weekdays.
Candymon or Deadless if interested in raiding on weekends.

Gear is not a problem, people are still farming preraid bis constantly. You will find dungeons runs withing the guild.

Welcomes you!

Very interesting post. Kap

Weekend raids are looking for Druids and Priest. Anyways you are freely to ask if not one of that classes.