(H) Blind. looking for melee dps 3/10h

Wazaa, Blind is a casual heroic focused raiding guild made of friends who like to have fun together during the raids. We aim to clear heroic and get curve for all of our players. We were formed last expansion and we managed to reach rank 10 of the Horde guilds on Magtheridon for BoD for a while. during n’zoth patch we all went our own way. because many wanted to raid and progress mythic.
Now we are back recruiting a core raid team with both old and new players.
our focus will be normal/heroic only. Mythic + , guild fun events trough promoting members and in game contests or guild events.

Raid Schedule:
We raid on the following nights (server time):
Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:00
Monday: 20:30 - 23:00

Our Progression:
Castle Nathria Normal: 10/10
Castle Nathria Heroic: 3/10

Blind Recruitment spots:
Note: “High” means that there’s an immediate position available for the class/spec mentioned. “Low” means that while we’re happy with the class currently on our roster.
Our roster is very flexible, so even if your class is listed as "Low” don’t let it deter you from sending an application in.
We prefer that healers and tanks can make both raids and that dps can make at least one raid per week. we also love people with of specs to cover if someone has RL commitments.
Also note that for mythic dungeons everything is welcome.
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Druid: Closed
Death Knight: Closed
Monk: Closed
Pally: Closed
Demon Hunter: Closed
Warrior: Closed
We have 2 main tanks and a few with of spec tank. however we can always use more for m+. or in case the roster changes

Death Knight: High
Paladin: Medium
Druid: Boomkin: Closed – Feral: high
Warrior: Medium
Monk: High
Rogue: Closed
Shaman: Ele: Medium-- Enhance: High
Warlock: Closed
Mage: Closed
Priest: Medium
Hunter: Medium
Demon Hunter: Very High

Druid: Closed
Paladin: Low
Monk: Closed
Priest: Closed
Shaman: Closed


How to apply:[/U][/B]
Feel free to contact an officer or guild member in game or add me on battle tag Swordai#2538

feel free to post questions u might have.
Ty for reading and good luck finding a guild.


I’d love to join. Played alot of huntard at the start of expansion than had a big “holiday” and returned a couple of weeks ago and rolled a Pally tank. I’ve been around the game to know what it takes :slight_smile: would love to join with the Pally and also the hunter (which will be my alt now)

I would love to join if there is a possibility :smiley:
I’m a Warlock looking for a raiding spot. I have been playing the game for 7 years and mainly have experience with M+, but I would like get into raiding come Shadowlands. I am also considering playing Shaman and/or Druid as alts, so I if there would be a need to jump in with those classes, I would be happy to :slight_smile:
My battle tag is: Althom#2383

@ Juancario sounds awesome. pala tanks are fun and always handy to have.
same with hunters. get in touch with one of us in game.
and thx for wanting to join. see ya soon

@kosevei In bfa we struggled mainly with getting enough ranged players and locks have always been loved for the portals, hs and how they do on meters.
so looking foreward to meeting ya too

Hello i have added you on battle net.

I am a highly motivated DPS Shadow priest, and i am very interested in joining your guild. I have herioc raided the latest 2 expansion, and i am excited to get back into it. I hope you will consider me, and i look forward to working with you guys.

I have added you on battlenet but you can also find me on discord

Discord: Dam#1277

welcome to blind mate

I would love to join your guild if possible! I’m a Returning player and have rolled a boomkin in shadowlands. I have some guild experience from Heroic raiding back in legion and would love to get back into it.

I have added you, but if you wanna contact me on discord ill drop my name here:
SRG warden#7599

Hey. Still looking for a Hunter?

I’m after a guild that isn’t intense with requirements, mainly that I dislike m+ and most seem to require that it’s done.

Lots of raiding exp and good on my hunter


Hej sorry we have been really succesfull with recruiting and have to stop mainly because we would need to bench people.
you are free to join as social and if a spot opens i can bump you up to raider

We cleared noral this week and the first 2 bosses heroic. onwards to more kills

We are now 3/10 heroic and will soon up this number as we made a third raid night to normal for alts to gear up. and will start to soly focus on heroic during the main raids. Most of our melee RL critted and we can use some fresh faces. and all our ranged would love a demon hunter so they can look better.

also ranged we are in need of hunters more then anything.

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