[H] <Blood and Bone> LF chilled gamers!

Dear Gamer,

We are Blood and Bone.

We are a social no rush PvE guild.

We raid 2 days a week on Thursday and Sunday. raiding is not an obligation. (Loot: Masterloot and MS/OS)

We work with the in game agenda and if you can sign up and if you can’t just chill it! Also fine. We are looking for chill gamers without drama! Most members are veterans of the game and most have families these days. The time of no life is far behind us! If you would like to join our active/social/respectful/honest guild, let us know.

Everyone is welcome!

At the moment we are actively looking for a chill officer! Because with 2 me and a real life friend it is quite busy to keep the guild running. But if you don’t want to be an officer, but you do want to be a member. Hey no problem either!

You can find us in game.

Best Regards,



GM and Officer of Blood and Bone

Are you still in search of new members?

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