[H] <Blue of Noon> Looking for raiders for mythic prog. Currently 7/10M

Guild & Server: Blue of Noon - Horde - Ragnaros
Language(s): English
Raid Times/Days: Thursday & Sunday 18:00 to 22:15 server time
Current Progression: 7/10M
Recruitment Contacts: bnet: Xinity#2452 discord: xinity#4229
Application: Contact on Bnet or discord.
Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ragnaros/Blue+of+Noon
Requirements: Friendly and focused when needed. We’re evaluating when you apply. We expect you to be able attend most raids and play your class to a level required to down mythic bosses. Mythic experience is a plus.
Needs: Mainly we are looking for Mage, other ranged DPS and possibly tank for the core raiding team. Also looking for stand ins(that will operate at the same level as core raiders, but mythic prog), unless when needed for prog or when core raiders absent.
About Us: Blue of Noon was started at the start of Shadowlands on the server Ragnaros. We’re a group of likeminded people looking to get CE by the end of the tier. We enjoy the social aspect of the guild, so you’ll always find someone on discord to play with.

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